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  1. New GTAIV Screen Shot!

    Doubt it's real, if it is the only way for it to be would probably rockstar workers testing something out. Which means they would have to have taken a picture and hosted it for public to possible find (something i expect rockstar wouldn't want just yet and would probably fire the person for doing it, if i worked for rockstar i wouldn't risk that!). If it is real, some dipshit at rockstar messed up and will pay the price. If it's fake, then they must of spent lots of wasted time faking a picture to act as though there a hip cool guy in a gaming communtiy that has inside information and all that bullshit. Don't forget they probably haven't finished making a lot of the game just yet, they probably have a BETA ps3 or custom console to check stuff and knowing rockstar they will like to play around with things and spend time ####ing around with the general graphics and laughing at stupid things causing us to wait longer for the game. I hope it's not real though i beleive rockstar will do even better than that.
  2. Introduce Yourself..

    Hola, Guten Tag, Bonjeour, Gooday, Hello.