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  1. Lazlow was kick ass. Made the radio fun to listen to.
  2. Four Updated Screenshots

    The sreens do look very sweet, I cant wait for this.
  3. They could put kids in game, and say make them so you cant target them or harm them, but iam guessing you will never see a kid in game. Animals on the other hand, ya never know, hell look at what you gotta do in Snake eater to get by. But I wouldnt like the kids idea either way thou

    The 500 because its best at stunts.
  5. Vista

    I run Vista and I have had ZERO problems with it, and my Gta Sa, the one you can put the hot coffee mod into, the first edition I guess you call it, installs just fine and plays just fine. I put the disk in and installed just like it did on my pc running xp.
  6. I cant wait to see this mag. Should be pretty good.
  7. GTA IV Trailer Released!

    Mafia theme or not, I will take it.
  8. GTA IV Trailer

    The graphic look just so awesome. Better then I thought.. So so sweet
  9. GTA IV Trailer Countdown!

    Yep yep, looks as thou we will have to wait I guess. Shoulda seen it coming.
  10. GTA IV Trailer Countdown!

    Yeah, damn I will just keep hitting reload lol. if it takes all night.
  11. Is anybody excited?!

    4 min left and it seems like forever.
  12. Is anybody excited?!

    14 minutes to go. Its almost to much lol.
  13. Is anybody excited?!

    Iam betting Mafia based with location being London and surrounding areas. But wouldnt mind another US based game.
  14. Is anybody excited?!

    lol, Thats nervous peeing lol. Iam betting lots of people are like that. With only 27 minutes to go..
  15. Is anybody excited?!

    I bet web traffic is crazy with GTA fans right now..