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  1. is this Sky's account?

  2. [Sig's Inc.]

    Shadup. Spas - I got your payment , nice customer !
  3. [Sig's Inc.]

    Ok , Spasmod - Do you have a paticualar question or do you want me to just make a render ?
  4. [Sig's Inc.]

    Hello. After being advised by another forum member , ive decided to open [sig's Inc.] Basically , if you need a sig you can come to me , [sI] also do avatars and banners. [Price List] Avatars - $25 Signatures - $50 Banners - Anywhere from $75 - $100 Thanks ! [sig's Inc.]

    Fido is the GTA3 person. Your attempt at sarcasam was quite poor.
  6. my sig...

    Im positive that ive seen that on another forum. Meh.
  7. Rap battle?

    Might aswell start one - Could be interesting.
  8. Hey.

    Hey there. Came to the forum after recomendation from gamer , thought ide just post here.