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  1. Depends on the hat. He'd look sexy as all hell with one of those classy hats Frank Sinatra used to wear. I don't know why he never wore something like that. Would've looked good and a sniper would have complimented the outfit.
  2. My god, this is like choosing a favourite Final Fantasy X song. It's damn near impossible. I love all the shit
  3. Words cannot express how happy it makes me that this happened to you.
  4. [To a hooker] "Call me Tommy, sweetheart and make yourself comfortable." He sounds as though he's smiling.
  5. What I mean by "during the game" was excluding cutscenes, but those are pretty good quotes as well While getting chased by the cops: "I'm innocent!" Picking up a prostitute: "Let's go somewhere more private." Doing a prostitute: "Where can we get a little privacy around here?" There are actually a lot of things I haven't heard Tommy say yet.
  6. Passing a cop who was chasing him on foot (1 star): "Can you call my lawyer? His name's Rosenburg."
  7. Tommy tends to say things while things are happening during the game. For example: Taking money: "I still need pocket money, pal!" After getting hit by another vehicle while in a vehicle: "Dumb. Florida. Moron." Getting shot by the cops: "Go shower with the guys!" After shooting someone: "Don't be a wise-guy." There are so much more for other things I haven't even mentioned. Post them.
  8. I don't even know how to masturbate.
  9. My favourite mission was definitely Boomshine Saigon. Easy, yet so much fun.
  10. I never paid any attention to which radio station is my favourite, since I listen to them all, but the game states that Flash FM is apparently my favourite.
  11. Even though this is super old, I'll just reply for the sake of anyone coming across this thread in the future. The users in this thread seem to be unsure about their answers. So anyways, you don't see her at all after the phone calls, even though she is mentioned a few times, sadly. And that's certain.
  12. My name is Steve and I eat enough to be labeled as a SIF.
  13. Sure. As long as women don't delude themselves into thinking that just because they are female, they deserve special rights. That defeats the purpose of fighting for equality.
  14. I can't believe people are having this discussion. This shouldn't be an issue. Homosexuals should not be labeled like this. We don't call "normal" (fuck, I despise this word) marriage 'straight marriage'. Why the hell is it called 'gay marriage'? These are two human beings who are in love and would like to spend the rest of their lives together. Let them be, you disgusting hateful pricks.