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  1. I think you guys can want some money. If you guys dont want, okay no problem.
  2. I dont know the guy you are seeing as me. I can show you all PROOFS which you want. Okay? My name is Steve. I would like to know yours. And, i have converted them all so new from my cousin's IV. I was not know you have converted them before. I'll convert if i'd be in team He should shame on himself. If you know modelling or converting, you dont have to steal other peoples things. Thats againist to rules of LIFE. And commando, i have added you.
  3. thats good ill try when i install my original IV. - i was downloaded it
  4. Yes, it works.
  5. Sorry about that arguing. See my works. - The way of faustins house - Oil ship - the lost's safehouse - dukes park
  6. man we dont need a logo anyone can convert from iv and you havnt shown any pictures of what you can do we dont need modeling buy hand as we are using IV models i am just asking to rwils or vans123. not to you dude. there is 2 converter (except noelgamo) and i want to help in converting.
  7. I would love to be in team. I can; - Convert from IV (models indeed) - Make a logo for the mod - convert interiors -too. - model from zero - texturing.
  8. - converting from GTAIV ;)

  9. I need scripthook for last patch. Actually, it would be cool.
  10. Woaw. Pictures are so suge.