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  1. [c]MOD DEAD[/c]
  2. it doesnt matter to me i hate this topic to death i love to see people spam it
  3. um you noob i can still ask if there is because there could be an old unposted update
  4. Same question I have. Because I downloaded a 100% Save game from here and followed all the instructions but the game won't start when I add the files. Is there a different way on STEAM to add the save file and probably even mods? Thanks. i have a friend who can mod steam but thats gta sa
  5. Is there any updates ?????
  6. i updated mine abit
  7. that resolution barly fits the screen and i never use low setting it has been on medium all thee time and anti anialising i don't use coz it takes 20 fps away and i used to get 30 fps in the desert its new being 10 fps
  8. i don't like fire fox lol i prefer google crome
  9. no mods CPU AMD Athlon Processor 2650e RAM 1 GB OS Microsoft Windows 7 (Build 7600)
  10. ati radeon x1250 i have been playing alot of just cause
  11. they are on low
  12. i contacted rockstar but that was useless there replie that didn't work
  13. funny i prefer the basic control panel
  14. lol thank god im not lol damn i want that on my desktop pc im sure that would play SA well LOL what the hell i never new this was a United Kingdom founded website