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  1. Straight outta Russia** GTA IV RAP

    Well, whoever this rap rapped he`s a moron! Maybe he`s straight out of russia but not Niko. He should have listend to the great cut scenes where it was about a hundred times said that Niko is from Serbia. By the way its in Europe, just type in Serbia in google and have a look! Damn! This really pisses me off!
  2. Playerped smashed plz help me

    You`re right. I thought that there would be no problem, simply send two files. But it seems to be a problem though. But nobody here ( and in an other forum -they just closed my thread by pointing at the board-rules-) tells me why it is impossible or forbidden to send me two files. Is it forbidden? Sorry I was overreacting.
  3. Playerped smashed plz help me

    Nobody answers Allright, i`m going to leave this site and take my mods with me. Really nice community you`ve got here
  4. The story of GTA IV

    I`m a little pissed off! The other protagonists in GTA3-SA earned Casinos, Car shops, a big fortune, but what`s about Niko?? I was finnishing the Game with about 600 grand!
  5. Playerped smashed plz help me

    Yeah! Looking at my request is great! But I really need Help of a true HERO!! Aren`t there any Heros? Also I`m a good looking Girl from Sweden! PlZ help me
  6. Playerped smashed plz help me

    Hey Dudes! I`ve installed the backpack mod and now i want to remove it! But! I haven`t make a copy of the Original Can anyone send me an original Playerped.rpf or! suse_000_u.wdr and suse_diff_000_a_uni.wtd!!! Please can`t go on modding if I don`t have this! THX!!