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  1. Introduce Yourself..

    Pfft, about as famous as David Beckhams uncles dog. <3 Ottae. Z represent.
  2. Your VCS rating

    9/10. Purely for the fact that I love the soundtrack, love the story, love everything about the game. Apart from the fact that I haven't used Cheat Device on it yet
  3. Hidden Interriors

    Yeh, the hidden interiors have been pretty much known of since the CheatDevices release.
  4. Zaibatsu, REPRESENT MOFO

  5. My works so far

    9 but the comp im on now is really bloody rubbish so i haven't even bothered opening photoshop on here.
  6. Milestone Posts

    Congrats the both of you hehe nothing near any milestone
  7. My works so far

    You can use it if ya want , can't post anything else My comp broke so all my files were deleted, in the process of making more though
  8. My works so far

    I'll be updating this as I make Different Photoshops etc, but i just deleted all of them apart from this one It's a snake's mouth btw,
  9. New Design - Happy Easter

    Got confused when i first saw it. But now im used to it, looks great! good work!!
  10. Has Anyone gotten the hotring?

    yeh the hotknife kinda dissapointed me i was thinkin it would be more powerful and sound better etc but.......it didnt stick with the stallion or sabre
  11. Who is the UGLIEST guy?

    tony cos he was teh first i saw for some reason
  12. GTA 4 Terrain

    you should be able to vote for more than one i wanted complexes, big city,big spaces
  13. side characters

    there was no tommy in gta 3 or am i missing something?
  14. hey i can advertise!

    oh shit thx any way
  15. hey i can advertise!

    Link Removed - Chris82- No free IVfree-type sites i thoguht i edited it are you allowed to advertise free sites? and how come i couldnt put the .tk one in?