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  1. Random Gta 4(pc) Freezing

    Hey. As you all know by now, Gta4 for pc has had quite a few problems. My main reason for posting is because im getting random freezing which seems quite common inside of buildings. Such as cluckin bell and strip clubs. - My harddrive activity light when this happens is blinking every few seconds as if it were idling at the desktop. - Nothing is being loaded Any tips/advice? Amd athlonx2 [email protected] 2.61ghz gskill ddr2 800 2gb ram xfx geforce 9800gt 512
  2. GTA IV PC patch released

    This is gettin really annoying. The patch for Live(pc) wont even finish. It downloads and sits at the end with nothing happening. tried this multiple times and still nothing. Any ideas?
  3. Least Favourite Mission

    Wrong side of the tracks was probably the mission i did most. it was horrrrid
  4. ZsolX's Graphics Shop

    What kind of money do you accept?
  5. just a glitch

    Has anyone else come across the glitch that when you are underground in the subway system your car disappears and you can see the world above? let me know

    Hope this comes out soon, even though I play music from my mp3 and Hd while i play
  7. What do you hate about IV..?

    I wish they would have kept parachutes, planes, tanks, car customization, and added more weapons!
  8. Golden Gate Bridge

    yes it is
  9. Only one infurnes..?

  10. Niko Bellic is Dangerous video...

    nice selection of trailers you got there
  11. Every npc in Gta but me is a noob so I must deal them away!
  12. A vampire in the subway?

    Userbars for the lose this vampire sounds neato
  13. New Video Project

    I'm a good driver. Give me a car i can stunt it!
  14. GTA 4 PC version discussion

    I concur!
  15. GTA 4 PC version discussion

    Yes they do, but what is your point? Im sure rockstar is more concerned about getting money off their games rather than having people just download it.