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    only GTA !~! :D<br /><br />[url="http://photoserver.ws/"][img]http://photoserver.ws/files/ks6nwrm4h693h5jkfd.jpg[/img][/url]

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  1. Hello there... Please i need a save game file before this mission Deal or Revenge... I want to play this mission again, please anyone have this save file? because of Auto save, i cant play this mission again Please help.. Thanx..
  2. Can my PC run GTA IV?

    I think with those specs, you can play GTA 4 possibly in max settings. Plus it's a pretty good system you have their, I have no doubts about it. Then wat should be the size of the damn signature... ?!?
  3. Can my PC run GTA IV?

    well if ur pretty sure tht ur PC will max out GTA 4.. then y ur showing off ur PC specs??
  4. Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Crysis' graphics were not better than GTA IV's, and even if they were, GTA will still take up a lot more space...Crysis doesn't have nearly the amount of models, audio, and as many textures as IV. Agreed. Well somehow i think the large HDD requirement might be true. Like 12-13 GB. THIS IS FAKE 18 GB is rubbish ! GTA 4 X-BOX 360 Torrent is 8.7 GB Approx and there is not much difference between the Architecture of PC and 360 ! Devil may cry 4 on X box 360 compared with PC version Size were almost same just like difference in MBs .. So most probably PC version would be also of same size ! and Rock Star would recommend 10 GB.... !~!
  5. Can my PC run GTA IV?

    still wouldnt double the space? would it? yea.. Crysis which comes in 2 Dvds... takes space like 7GB to 8.5GB (not more than 9GB) .. Crysis as we know.. have better Graphics than GTA 4.. if its not more than 9GB.. how GTA 4... ???
  6. Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Need more answers...
  7. Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Uhh, I guess you could get extra RAM memory, processor is very good for a laptop:p And the videocard, i guess you should get all in medium for smooth play, but im not sure, because videocards in Laptops really arent as good as in desktops you know. Thanx.... and the Video card... as i have mentioned.. i can play Call of duty 4 on highest details + max resolution... (and Crysis all settings on high and shadows on medium.. Gears of War high details... Assassins creed all details on high and shadows on medium... )
  8. Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Extra Info:- Goin to upgrade to 3GB RAM before Release of GTA 4 Laptop Cache memory = L2 4MB Cache memory 320GB Hard disk Will GTA 4 run in my laptop? Lowest? Low? Medium or High Details? I can play Call of duty 4 on highest details on 1440x900 Resolution without any lag ..! Thanx in Advance..
  9. Recommended GTA IV system requirements

    Look at the admin of this Website... A MALE, with a FEMALE Display pic LMAO ROFL LOL !
  10. Recommended GTA IV system requirements

    Caps? i copy pasted that Caps thing from GFW website, if they wrote on caps then wat i can do? email them and request them not to write anything in caps?
  11. Recommended GTA IV system requirements

    Whos deleting my post again and again??? U gtaplace guys are being insulted for posting wrong information on front page without 100% confirmation... shame on u guys.... aaah this forum sux m outa here...
  12. Can my PC run GTA IV?

    WOW, DDR3 Version of 8600... That a damn good Thang
  13. Can my PC run GTA IV?

    HP Pavilion dv9543cl Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz Rated at 5.0GHz T7300 (2nd Level 4MB Cache Memory) Windows Vista Home premium 32bit (will upgrade to 64bit before the release of GTA 4) 3GB DDR2 RAM (will upgrade to 4GB before the release of GTA 4) 320 GB Hard disk 512 MB Dedicated Nvidia Geforce 8600M GS + 727 MB Shared graphics Memory ( Shader Model 4.0 and DX 10 Supportable ) Realtek HD Audio Sound GTA 4 will work in my laptop? Low ? Medium or High Details?
  14. Can my PC run GTA IV?

    This is GTA 4, Not Crysis LOL !
  15. Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Then i must say that the undertaker is the best wrestler in sports and entertainment history, Undefeated at wrestlemania, 8 Times world Heavy weight champion, His entrance is best in wwe History... Hes Simply the best ! He's just lucky that he gets to play that part, it's all fake y'know. And u think The Dark Knight is a Real Story or Real Movie? Movies are kinda DRAMAs like wwe Is.... Thats y we call it, World Wrestling ENTERTAINMENT.... Back to topic... My Laptop Specs:- Hp Pavilion Dv9543cl Intel Core 2 duo, 2.0 GHz Rated at 5.0GHz T7300 (2nd Level 4MB Cache Memory) 3 GB DDR2 RAM 320 GB Hard Disk 512 MB Nvidia Geforce 8600M GS with 727 Shared Memory I Guess i can max out GTA 4 with no Problem....