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  1. Goodbye!

    Well i dunno wat u lot r talking about but i think i'm gonna go off of here for a while so cya.
  2. Weird Al Yankovic

    Just eat it (very funny video).
  3. Are you ok? You type like your high or hyper.
  4. Goodbye!

    Say if you want me 2 b on this board less often, if so, say so (needs 2 b at least 3 people).
  5. New Layout Preview

    Yeh that looks better, also i can add emoticons to ur site if u want, but i guess u don't trust me .
  6. Pwned!

    I'm confused, why do u type 'pwned', isn't it 'owned'?
  7. I'm back bitches!

    Who the f*** are you, nah i'm jus kiddin good luck with your site super_mario.
  8. you like bloody games?

    Heh, and i played pingu bounce, but no joke, i somehow got 899.48 on one throw, pingu went so high. Edit: i did it again except i got 982 on one throw.
  9. you like bloody games?

    Heh, that's funny, here's the direct link to bloody orca slap
  10. A Cafepress Shop

    No mike toreno's a friend of mine, ah well i'm not gonna be on here as often anyway. But i never even used a weapon.
  11. A Cafepress Shop

    Sorry this is off topic but someone stole all my money and stuff.
  12. A Cafepress Shop

    What's a cafepress shop?
  13. *ruin my wish*

    Yeaargh mateys, i've bin off here for a while (playin runescape). My wish is to have same powers as superman.
  14. Vice City Trivia

    7, and then there's the 8th one being the zebra cab right?
  15. second chance ?

    Frank........(second name?)