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  1. GameInformer Q&A - The Answers

    Well, my wishlish is: GTA: IV Release in PS2. Visit My Website
  2. GameInformer Q&A - The Answers

    What do you mean "helicopters are confirmed"? There are no planes but there are helicopters? Can Niko call by himself without cutscene? Niko only can receive call from other characters?
  3. Vice City crashes

    a. You know, if you have a problem with ONLY mods, you must uninstall the mod and try to install again, if the mod really not works, you must delete the mod program and download again, If the mod really not work even you download again. There are 2 ways how you could fix your mods and why your mod is not working: You must contact the creator of the mod program and tell that his/her mod program have a problem. Your Vice City Game have the problem that the reason is not working. b. if you have a problem with mods and the game on your computer, There are 6 ways how you could fix your mods and why your mods, the game on your computer is not working: You must uninstall the mod immediately. If the game crashes even you uninstall the mod, you must reinstall the game. If your computer is very slow and have problems with it because of it, you must check for viruses using an anti-virus program like McAFee, Norton, PC-Cillin, AVG, etc. immediately. If your computer is now crash because of the game and the mod, call your local computer technician to fix it your computer and tell why is the game have problem with it. Your computer memory must be low that cannot fit the game. You must increase your computer memory by calling your local computer technician to increase it. Install only the game with radio stations so you can save your computer memory. Hope you can understand! You can visit my website Contact me for help, Let's just use this forums.