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  1. wow nice, i wouldve never saw that, i think its just a glitch or something they havent done yet
  2. hey im bak remembr me
  3. yea im just trowin out sum ideas
  4. thats kinda harsh
  5. u think it was a coincidence or they did it on perpose
  6. same i hope its not too realistic but make it better like it saints row u could do drugs in front of a cop and not get a wanted lvl if gta iv has drugs u wud have to hide it and stuff that be cool:)
  7. ijustwannatalk - dont even bother replying. I think just about everyone has had enough of your bullshit. Go fall down a hole. Quote~ hey sorry ur rite i was being a prick i just lied to get attention but im not ganna do it again...sorry guys
  8. w/e people here will find out im not lying eventually
  9. heh spoilers ahead: there are no kids they ARE midgets, tho the exception of a baby in a mission, u cant kill him
  10. the funny thing is ur a dum f***...o no wait thats the other funny thing the real funny thing is R* is ganna f***in believe u@@@!!!! yea just an ordinary fan on forums u f***in dum shit think for once is R* ganna believe a fan or my dad that f***in works there!! o yea that was the funny thing
  11. watch him ur so f***in retarted how am i supose to watch him if i dont live near him or i dunno wat he looks like u dum shit
  12. i no i said my friend on that place but really i meant dad
  13. yes that some one was me u silly goose my name is Jadex9