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    Yup I have to agree with GTAVC Bullet is my fav too
  2. >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    No what I mean is u know when u do the things in the gym where u have to beat the trainer guy. Well I think to get certain combos u should have to copy the things that he does by doing a button combination but then once you've learnt them it will work like the combos do on SA like Hld R1 then Triangle x4 or wateva... I just think it would add a little something to it
  3. >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    My Ideas: Most things ppl have already said so i cba to write them out again i don't get why ppl would want kids in a game i think thats kinda sick to be fair! The game wouldn't even reach the shelves if it did have kids. Anyway I think it would be cool to have newer weapons instead of the same guns which do the same job. Weapons that can be picked up around the city and the evironment, such as; chairs, tables, planks of wood, bottles, anything constructive that could be used as weapon! lol. Wouldn't it be cool to have glass bottles that can be smashed over someones head and then used as a stabbing weapon, and if weapons broke in half and stuff like that. They should make the swimming more fun and enjoyable, like the ability to have scuba diving kits and be able to swim under water properly. Plus make the under water scenary more colourful and not dull. People are talking about making it more realistic if that was the case then i think you should get diseases and stuff like that like when u swim near the jelly fish you should get stung etc. I think there should also be more fighting styles and (moving back on to weapons) there should be more martial arts weapons such as nun chukau and Jo's etc. that you would have to train and perform certain button combinations to be able to use them properly (I know not much of this will happen but i'm just sharing my ideas)