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Further GTA LCS Info

By Chris | 23rd Jul 2005 at 16:07 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 2 Comments
We've got a few tidbits of Liberty City Stories information for you, first of all the 'exclusive' information that GAME claimed to have is now available to pick up in stores across the UK. This storyline prologue was among the info.

"Taking place three years prior to the events of Grand Theft Auto 3, you'll play as scorned wise guy Toni Cipriani who has just returned to Liberty City after being forced into exile for killing a made man as a favour to mob boss Salvatore Leone.

With the dust settled, the Leones welcome Toni back and put him back to work as one of their toughest soldiers"

Links: Scan 1 and Scan 2

Thanks to McReynolds in this edgeforums thread.

Also, in the latest issue of PSM in the USA, it states that swimming and interior enviroments won't be availible. We'll have more on that article in a short while. Thanks TomK

GTALCS News From GameInformer

By Chris | 20th Jul 2005 at 18:38 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 1 Comment
Posted ImageSubscribers to GameInformer magazine in the USA recently received their latest issue. In it is a nice preview of Liberty City Stories. In amongst the article are 4 new screenshots. Some new information is also in the article:
  • Hidden Packages, Stunt Jumps, Rampages, Taxi Missions and Vigilante Missions are all returning
  • New vehicles and weapons are planned
  • The game will take the average gamer between 80 and 100 hours to complete
  • The targetting system has improved upon what was implemented in San Andreas
It sounds like the targetting system will be much better for us to use, judging by a quote in the magazine. They spoke to Rockstar's Todd Zuniga:

The targeting system is based on an improved version of the San Andreas scheme, making for what Zuniga feels is  "The best [targeting system] we've had so far."

GameInformer also comment on how impressive the game looks at this stage, and while they say popup issues are still be addressed it sounds like everything else is going smoothly!

We don't have any high quality shots for you but this low-quality scan which is not unreadable clearly shows you them.

Thanks to for the news.

GTA LCS Info From GAME - Delayed?

By Chris | 15th Jul 2005 at 17:36 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 2 Comments
After reporting last week about GAME having exclusive information on GTA LCS being sent out with a free PSP pack for all people who preordered a Sony PSP console, I emailed GAME the other day to see if they could provide me with any specifics on what this info is.
I received a reply today, and it seems they haven't even received the info themselves.

Dear Chris,

Thank you for your e-mail.

I can confirm that we did not receive the GTA Liberty Stories information and are still awaiting confirmation of when we will receive these.  As soon as I have more information I will contact you back with a resolution.


So it looks like we wont be getting sent our PSP packs until they have it altogether, and by that time we may already know the information from other sources. In addition to the LCS info, the pack, which comes in a sleek black gift case includes everything you want to know about the launch titles, a PSP life-size replica containing special info cards, a DVD packed with footage, and details of an exclusive trade-in offer!
If GAME contact me again I'll keep you posted on what I can find out.

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Exclusive GTA LCS Info From GAME

By Chris | 8th Jul 2005 at 21:53 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 11 Comments
GAME, Europe's leading specialist retailer of computer software and video games have announced in their latest email to newsletter subscribers that they are giving away exclusive information on GTA Liberty City Stories.
The email (below) clearly states that by preordering a PSP console you will receive a free preorder pack...

If you preorder a Sony PSP Console from the site, we will send you an Exclusive FREE PSP Preorder Pack, containing everything you want to know about the launch titles, a PSP life-size replica containing special info cards, a DVD packed with footage, Exclusive GTA Liberty City Stories information and details of an Exclusive trade-in offer!

We don't know exactly what this information is but we are trying to find out. This has got me hyped up for LCS now and I've just pre-ordered a PSP! So I should get the pack in a few days, I'll be posting about it as soon as I receive the info.

Links: PSP Page @ Homepage

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