San Andreas Released on PC + Xbox

By Chris | 7th Jun 2005 at 00:27 GMT in San Andreas | 5 Comments
Well, it's not supposed to be yet but across North America many stores have chosen to start selling copies of the game a little early. There are already a few screenshots flying around online. It looks so much better than the PS2 version.

And whatsmore you even get a free novella with the game which if you're like me and love any GTA merchandise is a must have. If you haven't ordered a copy already you can do so by visiting the links to reputable online retailer Amazon.

San Andreas PC from or
San Andreas Xbox from or

If you don't want to buy from Amazon and you live in the UK or Europe you can actually get it cheaper at The PC version is only £24.99 there. Go buy it!

UPDATE: Rockstar have sent us the screenshots from the 2nd part of Gamespot's interview and IGN's Good Life article, we have updated the PC Screenshots and Xbox Screenshots pages accordingly.
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Sherman's photo
Sherman 7th June, 2005 @ 00:34 - Permalink
That's cool.. but wth is a "Novella"?
Akuma's photo
Akuma 7th June, 2005 @ 06:08 - Permalink
A novella is a story. This one will probably be about SA (duh). I have to wait more days, (damn June 10th, im aussie) but i preordered it.
Chris's photo
Chris 7th June, 2005 @ 09:29 - Permalink
Yeah a novella is just a short novel or a short story if you like.
I just updated the first post with the latest screenshots we got sent.
mvi's photo
mvi 7th June, 2005 @ 15:39 - Permalink
Ok, I have my gfx card and my dvd rom installed, now all I need is £30
Plo Koon's photo
Plo Koon 7th June, 2005 @ 17:47 - Permalink
I got all of my memory for it, I have alot of hard drive space so no need for more, my graphics card is ATI/Radion. But I need at least $30 more to get it.

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