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GTA4 Information Round-up

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What about the new dual core CPU's and the spanking new quad cores? Won't they run PS2/3, and Xbox/Xbox360 emulators any better? Although it makes no difference to me since if I ever get around to upgrading my PC, they'll either be up to 16 or 32 cores or more likley a whole new CPU architecture. A 32 core CPU :rofl2: . I bet the name would be even more :rofl2: .

Do you think its too early to pre-order the PC version? I know it'll probably be a year 'til it comes out but I got a game for Christmas that I don't like and can't decide which game to exchange it for. So I was thinking I'd exchange it for credit towards GTA4 instead. I ask this half kiddingly because the guy (or girl) behind the counter at the game store would probabbly laugh at me so I probabbly won't do it. I don't even know if I can exchange it because its been over a month since the game was bought. (12/22/06). They (EB Games/Game Stop) have a 30 day return policy for internet purchases. They didn't mention a time limit for store purchases so I assume there is none.

Speaking of exchanges, the person who gave me this gift included the receipt with it. They do that with all their gifts. Is that weird? I think its sensible but maybe a little weird, although lucky for me in this case since I'll probably be exchanging it.

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