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Chris    237


Yes that's right, check it out. The interface has been improved a little. And there's some nice new features and stats available to you. For example, clicking on the My Past Results tab enables you to find all the tests you've done in the past, along with the IP used and everything. There's some new stats available such as your average speed, and also, how it compares to everybody else in YOUR country.

Mine says I have a connection which is faster than 79% of the population, (in the UK). I'm quite impressed with that actually.

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Vicehog    0


High speed internet is very limited in my area. You would be surprised how lucky I am to have what I have. So I'm quite satisfied with my ISP.

Being a little over 70 miles from Chicago, I'd say that is pretty good ping.

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Chris    237

I just tried this again for the first time in months, I see there's a new server in the UK now which is a little closer to me than London.


Still pretty similar speed on the London server though.


And these were done in the middle of the day, if I do the tests in the middle of the night when much less people are online I can get much faster speeds.

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