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Have Rockstar overdone it?

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Chris    237

yeah like some of the cretins at my school would find this game sooo complicated that the complexity of it would overpower their 3 brain cells they have. It will be so immense that the not so avid gamers im sure will find it slightly hard to grasp but eventually everyone will be ok with it. I will and many others here will and thats what makes the forum good when we can all help each other out :)

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Psycho dude    0
If CJ falls into water inside a car will he sink then drown or get out and swim to the surface?          :erm:

He swims to the surface :cigar:

Btw, I like the idea of coutryside but I dont like the stamina , I will probably make CJ eat to much and he will become as fat as Notorious BIG lol :thumbsdown:

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