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The Ultimate Firmware, DevHook & CheatDevice guide

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There has been some wrong info posted about what you need to do to downgrade, install DevHook, and installing CheatDevice. The plan for this thread is to get the right info out. If you find any problems or something wrong, feel free to report it to me. I want this thread to be 100% correct. There are some things where you will have to flash your PSP. This means writing info to the place where the PSP stores the firmware files, PSP config files, and more. This is the most risky thing you can do with your PSP but if you follow the standards, you should be fine. Here is some info you need to know.

Tips to make sure you don't get a brick

1. Make sure your battery is at least 50% (100% recommended)

2. Make sure your PSP AC adapter is plugged in.

3. Make sure you don't have a TA-082 mother board or higher. TA-082 mother board check



How to install CheatDevice on 2.71SE-B2 with out DevHook or an iso *FLASHING!!*

Some people are saying that you need to have an ISO to have CheatDevice. Not true at all! Thanks to LordSturm and Dark_Alex! LordSturm has created a CheatDevice flasher that flashes CheatDevice to the flash. This works with 2.71SE-B2 and it's firmware check process bypass.

1. Read the rules of flashing at the top of this post.

2. Download this package.

3. Unzip the files

4. Read the read me

[CheatDevice 2.1a is included in this package. To see if there has been any updates visit Edison Carter's site

When it comes time to upgrade CheatDevice, just place the updated PRX onto the root of your memory stick, load the program, and then hit circle. As easy as that! Also, this is fully uninstall able!

How to change the processor speed with out DevHook *FLASHING!!*

This next part of the guide shows you how to change the processor speed with out DevHook on 2.71SE-B2.

1. Read the flashing rules at the top.

2. Download this package.

3. Unzip the files

4. Read the info in the read me.

Downgrading a 2.71 PSP to 1.5 *FLASHING!!*

Before you read any further, make sure you read the Flashing rules at the top. Also make sure your PSP is NOT a TA-082 or higher. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BRICKS! THIS PACKAGE AND GUIDE HAS WORKED FOR ME AND OTHER PEOPLE BUT SOME TIMES DIFFERENT THINGS HAPPEN.

1. Download this package.

2. Unzip the files

3. Read the read me!!!

Installing DevHook *FLASHING!!*

DevHook lets you emulate firmwares. Say I was on 1.5 and I wanted firmware 2.71 with out upgrading. DevHook lets you do just that. The current firmwares that DevHook can emulate are 1.5, 2.0, 2.50, 2.60, and 2.71.

1. Download this package.

2. Unzip the files

3. Read the read me!

[This pack only has dumps for 2.0, 2.60, and 2.71] [This works on 1.5, 2.71 w/hen, and 2.71 SE-B3.]

Currently planned updates to the thread

1. Make pack and guide for install of 2.71 SE-B3 (Release Date: Unknown -- Waiting for my 1.5 PSP to get here.]

If you have anything you would like to see added to this thread, TELL ME!

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i'm on 2.82,so i'm doomed,i'd love to see a video of it,i've heard it has gravity like lcs cheat device did,could you tell me if you are able to turn off the cheatdevice ingame,because in lcs you could set the gravity and water levels to different values and once you turn off the cheatdevice,they'd stay that way so you could float around in multiplayer,i want to know if this is possible on vcs?

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Alright, so I tried it. So far I'm hating DevHook because your directions are too bland. Anytime I try the installs, the hit Start, the PSP restarts, the errors out, and I have to restart. You say to do both install options, but there's THREE options that say "Install".

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use custom firmware....

ive got 4.01 m33 and cheatdevice 3.71 for VCS and its awesome!

if ur psp is too high for LCS downgrade then use pandora battery...

get an old battery incase somthing happens.....

sorry...going into psp discussion now.. back to

"The Ultimate Firmware, DevHook & CheatDevice guide"

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