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Jorge Pupo to Voice Alberto Robina?

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Chris    237

Jorge Pupo has been rumoured to be providing the voice of Alberto Robina in Vice City Stories. Alberto Robina was the father of Cuban gang leader Umberto Robina. Pupo is alleged to have this role after the IMDb updated their cast listing for the game. Another noteworthy point is that he did motion capture work for Vice City, and actually provided the voice for Gonzalez.

IMDb is certainly a very reliable source, though. Some sites portray IMDb as a wiki-style user editable website, however, any user submissions have to first be approved by a team of administrators at IMDb, so it's unlikely this would be a 'guess'. Although it could be a mistake, and he could be reprising his role of voice acting for Gonzalez again. We'll have to wait for some official confirmation on this before we speculate any further.

Source: IMDb

Thanks to Dmac_91 and Barnaby for the update.

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Bear    9

Thanks for that Chris. He could play both but just sounds different for each. I think its Hank Azaria (sorry but i cant remeber his last name well) who is in the simpsons and plays most of the characters but you could never guess.

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