whats ur fav island?

favorite island   84 members have voted

  1. 1. wich is your favorite island?

    • Portland
    • Staunton
    • shoreside vale

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Get the hidden packages early on. That way you will always have unlimited ammo at your hideouts, and you're not cheating.

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Staunton Island, my favorite. I love Liberty City, probably because I live in NYC. But I like Staunton because it represents the toristy part of NYC, which is best part of ny. While Portland and SSV represent places where most people live, the buisness section of the city is always the best, which is why I like Staunton.

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I gotta say that Liberty City is a wonderful city, it has that dark atmosphere and it catches the feel from a big city like New York. I think Portland is one of my favourites, IMO Portland has a more gloomy feel than the other islands and I really like the industrial estate, and in some ways it feels more dirty. Bottom line is that all islands are great in their own good ways, but Portland remains my favourite.

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