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This has been discussed many many times on these forums, and I will repeat this one last time.

Making a car for a GTA game is a very hard, time consuming task that takes professional GTA car modders weeks. Even making a box on wheels is an impossible task for somebody new to the business.

  1. You need to create a model for your car in 3DS Max or something. That isn't easy, and certainly isnt a case of 5 minutes drawing and instantly you have a good looking car.
  2. You need to add textures, collisions and animations to your vehicle
  3. You need to export all of that into the correct formats for GTAVC (txd, dff, col)
  4. You need to change all the other data such as the handling, vehicle data and car colours. That doesn't mean download, that means write it so that it fits in with the game properly
  5. Bear in mind that GTA3, GTAVC and GTASA mods are not compatible with each other, and the techniques for making each do differ.

It is a LOT easier just to download and install a car modification, already made by experts, from our Download's Database

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