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Trading Stalls Rules

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Posted 14 March 2004 - 02:11 PM

Welcome To The Trading Stalls

This is the place where you can sell and trade items from our store. The store obviously only has a limited stock, if something you want isn't in stock, you'll either have to wait along time for it to restock, or some here and browse member's shops, or make a request. Please read this mini FAQ before posting/reading this forum.

How Do I Buy An Item?
  • Simply post "SOLD" followed by the item name(s) and amount of each you want to buy, and if you want to be helpful the total price, for example: SOLD 5 AK47's @ $10000
  • Wait for the member to confirm he has the stock to sell, either in a post or by PM'ing you
  • Send him the 'points' through IBStore
  • Wait for the member to send you the items
Making a Request
  • Please browse though other member's topics before posting a request, you may find someone has the item you want and your topic will be a waste of time.
  • Please prefix your topic with [REQ], so people can see you're making a request and will see your topic easily. Make it clear what you want as well.
  • Try to keep all your similar requests in one topic, don't post a new one for every item you need.
Member Shops
  • If you were lucky enough to purchase items before the store ran out of stock, you did well. However, you may be left with a bunch of stuff you don't even want/need. So here is where you can sell it.
  • There is a limit of 1 shop per member
  • Name your shop - this could just be "Chris's shop", or if it's specfic items, "Chris's weapon store", for example.
  • List all your items, the number you are selling, and the price
  • Keep your first post updated with the items and number of each you are selling
  • TIP: Make your shop post layout attractive and easy to read, so members can easily see what you have for sale
I Never Received The Items I Paid For!
  • If you've sent money to someone and they haven't sent the items, let the [SHOP MODERATORS HERE] know and we'll investigate the matter.

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