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Where Loyalty is number One, The Fedelta Family

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Posted 29 August 2014 - 03:27 AM

So you are looking for a place to lay low?  Some where to hide while the heat wears off?

You should probably keep your head down and keep walking.


But if you want Family by your side, with your back, and take Los Santos by storm,

Well then, you have come to the right place!


Welcome to The Fedelta Family, where Loyalty is held in the highest regard!



But not so quick there champ.  We do not deal with disloyalty well.  We are a family born out of betrayal.  We used to be part of a larger crew, a very prestigious crew, one that many people would try and join and few were succesful.  But things did not continue smoothly, and turmoil ensued.  And when one of the top commissioners was threatened, as a family we refused to accept that!



On the 27th of December, 2013, we departed. 23 of the most loyal members, muscle and officers founded the Fedelta Family, led by Martimeus "The Hawk".  In days we numbered 54 loyal brothers and sisters, by the closing of the year, 70 of the most loyal souls were counted in this little thing of ours.  Today we count over 200 brothers and sisters in this most loyal of Families.



While we are a very well organised crew, and dispense justice on Family rule breakers swiftly, we still like to have fun and do somethings a little differently!


Think you have what it takes to join the family?

Head over to the Social Club, if you don't make the cut, we'll tell you what needs to change




And head over to the crew website



And once you have joined, you will receive access to our private area of The Filthy Gamers forum


(Official Crew of The Filthy Gamers)



Worried we aren't on your platform?  Don't be.  We are primarily a PS3 Crew, with a few Xbox members and are looking for loyal players from both platforms to join our family.

Worried we won't be in your timezone?  Don't be, The Fedelta Family's reach is global!

                                                                    "Candy from a baby is still candy"


                                                                      Pop in at The Filthy Gamers!


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