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Huckleberry Pie

[REL|CON|SCR] Kit's Homemade Scooter

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"Leave it to clever Kit and her imaginative ways to turn an old orange crate, a discarded roller skate, and a little imagination into a one-of-a-kind creation—a crate scooter."

Finally, after more than two years of waiting for the lads to reverse-engineer the .WFT format, I decided to, well, go for the gold and make a GTA IV version of my scooter mod for San Andreas.

The mod comes packaged as an .OIV installer to be used with OpenIV - just open the package, follow the setup prompts and you're all set. :)

Feel free to redistribute, steal or make derivative works out of my mod, just as long as you give me proper credit.

* Blob shadow needs some adjusting (idk how to move the wheels properly on the WFT model yet)
* Surface normals look wonky on the floorboard and handlebar. Could be an OFIO-related issue.










Special thanks to:
* SilentPL, scarface2k_gtasa and indira.p of GTAForums for being such 'swell dudes and for helping me out on things
* Alex Blade, Yurij and Sergey for the toolsets
* Cindy, Molly, Colette and the gals at the American Girl Facebook group
* ...and to mein fellow Unterganger dudes Faiz, John and MTM.



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