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Domestic Battery recruiting mature PS3 players

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Posted 08 March 2014 - 03:43 PM

If you are looking for a mature group of people who play to have fun, are not crew member killers or banging racers then you should consider joining Domestic Battery.

We have 60+ members all around the world, we play together and there is usually 5-10+ only at any given point in the day. We vet our players over a 2 week period to ensure they are mature gamers. Check us out and request an invite.


Social Club  http://socialclub.ro...omestic_battery

Crew Site http://www.domesticbatterygta.com

Facebook https://www.facebook...sticbatterygtav


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Posted 10 March 2014 - 01:49 AM

Here's a bit of us playing


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Posted 22 March 2014 - 02:52 AM


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Posted 05 April 2014 - 03:27 AM

Sweet, we made the Newswire Crew Cut http://socialclub.ro...ences-Plus-Live

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Posted 2 weeks ago

XDBX News!!!

By LV_Jag and JustHatched

Domestic Battery Weekly Newsletter                                                    November 6, 2014 Issue 31
Crew Social Media: Social Club - Facebook - Twitter
A friendly reminder -- please be considerate of your fellow crew members.  Some language/words can be taken offensively.  We have different cultural backgrounds in the crew and some words carry different weight among each other.  Tone is a big part of how words are perceived.  We know that situations arise when we become frustrated, but please remember, we should not be yelling and cursing at each other.  We don't want crew members to feel uncomfortable during what should be a fun and enjoyable experience.
The PS4 release is just under 2 weeks away, a final all PS3 series of events is in the planning stages and you do not want to miss out on what is shaping up to be the biggest thing the crew has done since being formed 9 1/2 months ago. For more info on this please >>Click Here<<
Along with the release, a few crew members may be feeling uneasy about futre crew events and what will take place on either platform. Rest assured that there will be crew members on both platforms that will be hosting events. The PS3 players will see some changes in the current repeating event lineup and hosts, however the crew will carry on and adjust. PS4 players may see a slow start on the events but it won't take long to see a full line of events taking place.
Are you interested in hosting a playlist or just curious to know the details of getting a playlist going and being a success?  >>Click here<< to read this informative guide for more information.  Please note, if you're interested in hosting a playlist, contact the events staff today.
Tags have been introduced to the Content Creator section of the website.  >>Click here<< to learn about the new process and how to tag your created jobs.  Tagging your jobs will make it easier for the event hosts to find specific jobs.
If you're looking for something to do on Monday nights, be sure to check the calendar for any impromptu playlists.  There's always something random and fun that pops up.  Our most recent impromptu event was a Cannonball Run hosted by LN-MLB.  Keep an eye on the forums for more upcoming events.
Have you checked out the latest Crew Head to Head challenges?  This is a great opportunity to help Domestic Battery score victories over other crews.  All crew members, vetted and unvetted, are more than welcome to participate.  Please check out the Crew Head to Head section and RSVP to an upcoming challenge.
XDBX vs DARK Round 6 Recap:
Another victory was scored over DARK during Round 6.  This marks the sixth consecutive win for the crew.  XDBX won by two points.  It was a close match.  Round 7 is scheduled for Friday, November 7 (Thursday, November 6 for North America).  For more information regarding Round 7, please see this thread.
Did you know...?
There's a Playstation App available for Android and iOS devices.  This free app allows you to add more than 100 friends and send messages to each other without pulling open your console menu.  This app is highly recommended for all crew members.
Are you feeling uneasy about any aspect of the crew?  Or need any clarification of how things operate?  If so, please convey your feelings, questions, and concerns to any Lieutenant, Commissioner or JustHatched.  We will always listen and discuss your issue.  It is not promised things will change, but it is not promised they won't either.  Some things cannot be fixed if no one knows it is broken, however it is asked you be detailed in whatever needs discussed.
Deathmatch - 15,962 (+/-0) | TDM - 7,480 (+1) | Vehicle DM - 16,365 (+/-0) | Race - 784(+20) | GTA Race - 3,763 (+411) | Rally Race - 1,221 (+66) | Non-Contact Race - 49 (+2) | Parachuting - 296 (+7) | Tennis - 4,293 (-34)
+ or - values compared to the previous weeks Newsletter
Note - Parachuting (296), Standard Racing (784), Non Contact Racing (49)
- Congratulations to JakeBarnett88 and ronin1904 on their promotions to Crew Representative.
We now have over 170 active Crew Members!
- New Muscle looking to join XDBX, be on the look out for these folks.
Comax420 - DjNogaro - Nejcm17 - JBart74 - Nixon189 - phiNole - La-La-Llama and truelife98
*Please ensure to "Note" Unvetted muscle members, it could make the difference in them getting vetted into the crew or not.
CLICK HERE for details.
- Looking for some GTAO help from the crew? Cotick has and is accumulating all the helpful posts and topics into one thread to assist everyone with their gameplay. >>Click Here<< to view the thread.
- Good Session Awards: If you've had a good gaming session with a XDBX member, visit their profile and
  click "Give Award". For more details on Good Session Awards  >>Click here<<.

Photo Of The Week by Profane

Birthdays (This Week)
bullittblitz , Pi_wow , Smoggy , stevesfriend21

Highlighted Crew Created Content


- Zmurko's Contests and Challenges: Crew Challenge Round 25 and Snapmatic Scavenger Hunt
- You feel bored? no one online? Why don't you try out some of the Arcade's
- Why don't you try out the Arcade Contest featuring Donkey Kong
- Last week winner featuring Pacman is LV_Jag
The Newsletter proudly presents 6 "new" jobs of the week, with 6 of our Own Creators:
- XDBX Race of the Week: Boogie Woogie Buggy Boy by djw180 and Chaparral Speedway by DeaD_GooN
- XDBX DeathMatch of the Week: Up On The Roof by Danielle and El Burro Blitz by G37
- XDBX Capture of the Week: We're sorry to say, because of the problems with bookmarking Captures there will be no Captures of the week this week, but we'll give you two other treats instead.
- XDBX LTS of the Week: We're sorry to say, because of the problems with bookmarking Last Team Standing's there will be no LTS's of the week this week, but we'll give you two other treats instead.
- XDBX Treats of the Week: Pumpkin Revenge (TDM) by LV_Jag and Jacked Up Jetmax (GTA Race) by JustHatched
- XDBX Video of the Week: My Theory On Racing by SSRacing2.
We will also use this moment to give a big thanks to the guys that have picked this weeks jobs.
Last Weeks Job Of The Week Reviews:
Reviews by Ro9M
Sweet location with allot of natural cover.
Good props and spawns.
I actually love the possibility to seek cover on the roofs, and both roofs is equipped with sniper rifles that can give you an epic sniper battle.
You'll get both close combat and some distance shooting here, had a feeling that I had several choices all the way trough the 10 minutes, and I was never locked to some place specific.
I've played this map two times now and really enjoyed it both times.
The only thing I can put my finger on is the accessibility to one of the roofs, it's seems like there's only one way on top of the tallest roof, and that makes it very easy to hold if you cooperate as a team.
From this roof you have a clear view over the map and in my mind have a good advantage when on top, if it's possible I would have tried to make one more access to the roof, I could be wrong here but I only found one access point.
Good Job Mr.
Farmer melee team death match!
You have every single melee weapon here if you choose to pick them up, choose your weapon and crack some skulls!
We played this one with a full lobby this time and it was a kill fest of the big ones, if I remember correctly it was over 200 kills in 10 minutes...
In my mind melee maps is all about having a laugh, and what's really helps me out here is when somebody decides to take the journey and just smash trough the crowd, friend or fo!
pretty good spawns, I just found one of the spawns a bit far away, and there shouldn't be any reason to not move it closer to the centre of the action since this is a melee map.
I think the props are good and I love that you've put in some vehicles to add that extra surprise factor  when your'e in a middle of a beating party!
This is probably just a personally view, but I think in melee matches like this 5 minutes are perfect.
Good Job Mr.
A really cool location, lots of natural cover and good props.
The first time I played this map I really loved it, then we played with maximum 10 players I think but there where still a few spawn kills but in my mind not as many as it got annoying.
There's allot of movement on this map with fewer players and then your bound to run over someone that is spawning from time to time.
Back to the JOTW PL, I think we where a almost full or a full lobby this time, and this made the map function in a whole other way in my mind, I'm sorry to say I've lost count of how many times I've got gunned down straight after spawning.
My personal tips is to play this one with a bit smaller lobby like maximum 10-12  players and see how it flows.
The 16 player version leads to allot of spawn killing and and allot of interrupted head to head fights.
In my mind you have a Diamond here, just grind it down to it's right size and it will shine.
Great Job Mr.
Reviews by SanAndreasRealOG
This race is simple and challenging, Very well thought out, Every checkpoint is near perfect, I know this is only a figure of eight, But with the bridge going over the other checkpoints I thought it made out for a very good and cool race.
I did do 8 laps of this race in a PL and it was amazing, the recommend laps is 3 for sedans.
Great race, Thanks for the smiles!
I don't think there's much more to be said after reading the description for this race. " That badass carbonizarre! Some can drive it, Most can't. Where do you stand? "
But I'm going to try anyway, This race really does sort out the men from the boys as they say. It has great flow to it and every road is nice and smooth. I don't no if you meant to do this but I like how you have tried to force people into the right lane with your checkpoints always helps. As everyone is the same car it's pretty hard to make ground.
The recommend laps is 2 but if you like racing 3 is fine.
Great race, Thanks for the smiles!
Well this is different for me, coming from track racing to tractor racing.
  It's a GTA race which always makes it fun, Then if you add the fact that your driving a tractor called Stanley, Is there much better?
Your checkpoints are fine as well as your rockets and boosts. I've done this race solo and with friends, At first I didn't understand the track, But after doing a few laps I got the feel for it.
There are some tricky corners to handle with and a lot of fences to destroy. Was and is a lot of fun.
Get out there and see if you are a fieldmaster today! The recommend laps is 2 but 3 or 4 won't hurt in a GTA as they are so funny!
Great GTA race, Thanks for the smiles!
You Can find more reviews and the historical JOTW here: Job Of The Week
- XDBX Blog of the Week: Heavy Metal Beer Of The Week (Week 32)by Ro9M
Brewed By: Robinsons Brewery
Name: Iron Maiden Trooper
Style: British Golden Ale
ABV: 4,7%
Score 0-6: 4.5
I've got something special for you Heavy Metal lovers out there.
Today i'll bring you Robinsons, Iron Maiden Trooper beer, Rock On lml
I actually love Maidens music and my mind was like I really don't care if the beer taste shit, it's just so cool! I saw this as an advertisement for the band and not as an possible good beer, but what did I know
Follow the link for full entry.

Photo by Shortround


Crew Events Schedule

By JustHatched

A Reminder About RSVP's On The Website:
- With the influx of new members and the crew growing in size generally, it's more important than ever that you RSVP in good time if you would like to attend an event. In the past it has always been ok just to turn up at the last minute and usually bag a place but this is becoming increasingly difficult to do. In the last week alone we have had RSVP numbers of 17 & 18 when there are only 16 places available!
On the same note, please only RSVP if you intend to be there, if you subsequently find you are unable to attend you can always un-RSVP by clicking on the minus sign next to your name. This lets the host know that you will not be attending so they do not have to wait around for you and hold up the start for everyone else, it also frees up your spot for someone else to attend.
To RSVP simply check the calendar for any event that you would like to attend, click on the event and there will be an 'I'm attending' button on the right hand side. You can either click this here or if you look to the bottom left of this page you will see a 'view event topic' hyperlink.  This will take you direct to the event details page and you can also RSVP from here, again by clicking the 'I'm attending' button.
If you have any queries regarding this or anything else, please contact myself or anyone of the senior staff members as we are all here to help.
PLAYLIST INFO: NOTE - NA = North America based timezones, EU = European based timezones
- XDBX vs PUSS: Click for details November 7, 10:00PM GMT - Host: DavidCore
- European Vetting Playlist: Click for details November 7, 9:00PM GMT - Host: Danielle
- MTZ Vetting Playlist: Click for details November 8, 5:00PM GMT - Host: Smoggy
- European Vetting Playlist: Click for details November 12, 8:00PM GMT - Host: Xyon14
- North American Vetting Playlist: Click for details November 13, 3:00AM GMT - Host: DeaD_GooN
- One Make Sunday Racing: Click for details November 10, 6:00PM GMT - Host: Zmurko
- XDBX Championship Series Point Standings: Complete List
- Newsletter Playlist EU: Click for Details November 6, 8:00PM GMT - Host: Danielle
- Newsletter Playlist NA: Click for Details November 7, 3:30AM GMT - Host: Beez620
- Friday Night Playlist: Click for details November 8, 3:30AM GMT - Host: Rumdig
- Saturday Playlist EU: Click for details November 8, 9:00PM GMT - Host: Casey
- Saturday Playlist NA: Click for details November 9, 3:30AM GMT - Host: LN-MLB
- Sunday Playlist NA: Click for details November 10, 3:30AM GMT - Host: DavidCore89 & G37
- T/DM Testing PL: Click for details November 11, 8:30PM GMT - Host: Zmurko
- Dodge and Racing's Hell: Click for details November 12, 3:30AM GMT - Host: Dodge & SSRacing
- Car Meet and Cruise (PS4): Click for details November 23, 3:30AM GMT - Host: JustHatched
- Find ALL The XDBX Crew Meet ups Here:PS3 Calender - PS4 Calender - Scheduled Events - Event planning stages Events Planning.
- Find Crew Head to Head meetup planning and scheduled Here: Crew Head to Head.

Photo by LN-MLB


Have you met Profane?

By LV_Jag

Our Weekly Segment Where We Meet The Person Behind The Controller
1. When and where are you likely to be found in GTAO?
A: Now that I'm back to work (IRL) my play time is limited to evenings so, I'm online usually from about 6pm -> 1am Eastern Standard Time.  As to the where; when the crew is not online, I freeroam a lot but in a Closed Crew session.  I have this compulsion to make more money so I'm always doing the High Priority Vehicle and stealing Gang Cars.
2. What was your first IRL job?
A: Sweet baby Elvis, this could be a long, interesting story, but I'll give you the Reader's Digest Condensed version.  I was hired right out of high school to be a 'specialist' at one of the local strip bars.  The managers were having problems with cashiers and liquor shortages and my job was to strictly monitor these.  And since I already had a 'tough guy' reputation, I helped keep the riff-raff under control too.  I grew up in a tough mining town and there were always fights going on in the strip clubs.
3. What was your first IRL car?
A: Ah, I remember it well.  A beat-up 1969 Pontiac Stratochief with a huge-ass 428 V8 Orange block.  That beast was WAY too much car for me, I'm surprised I didn't end up a smear on a cliff-face.  Ignorance killed that poor car as I didn't know you had to put water in the radiator occasionally.  It blew the frost plugs and seized up on me the first winter.  LOL
4. What are your hobbies outside of GTAO?
A: A few years back, I bought a 'fixer-upper' house.  I gutted it right back to the frame and have been renovating it pretty much constantly.  I re-wired it, put insulation in (in the 50's they didn't believe in insulation because oil was cheap).  I've moved some walls, installed a new 4-piece bath with 2-person spa tub and am finally starting to get some drywall up.  Also; I am really into tabletop gaming.  Imagine a cross between chess and little army men.  Yes, I play with toy soldiers and tanks, I even make "pew pew pew" noises when I shoot their weapons.
5. Married? Kids?
A: Been there, done that.  I've been happily divorced for 11 years now and single the entire time.  I do have a daughter, she's 26 but she lives quite a distance and has a very full life of her own.  Including a 5-year old son which, yes, makes me a grandfather.
6. Where did you meet your wife?
A: Well, I met her because I had a crush on her little sister.  We all used to do live action role-playing.  When I realized the little sister was very much in a committed relationship and that the older sister liked me, well, I switched gears.
7. If you could add a car and weapon to GTAO, what would they be?
A: I've actually sent my suggestion into R* for a car idea.  I would love to see the original Humvee with a working turret.  This would encourage teamplay as you would need a second player in the vehicle to man the turret.  As for weapon; again, I wrote into R* about an actual sniper rifle.  One that doesn't trigger the police when shooting from long range. 
8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?
i'm not exactly sure of the locations but i'd love to live on those beaches in resort commercials with the lovely greenish blue crystal clear waters...
9. If the crew were to visit you, where would you take them to experience your culture?
A: New Zealand.  They have strict emigration policies, I love their accents and it's frikken Middle Earth!  There be hobbits and dragons there!
10. If the crew were to visit you, where would you take them to experience your culture?
A: Since I am in the nation's capital, a visit to Parliament Hill is almost mandatory.  With stops along the way to have some beaver tails and poutine.  A night at the National Arts Centre would be a treat too, there are almost always world-class dance performances going on there.  If it happened to be winter, skating on the Rideau Canal.  Apparently that is a huge tourist attraction.  =)
11. What is your favorite meal?
A: Well that's a toss-up.  For fine dining, it would definitely be Veal Marsala at an authentic italian restaurant with a side of marinated eggplant.  At home, I love my own creation that I call 'slop'.  Ground chuck, ground pork, basmati rice, stewed tomatoes and okra.  Let that simmer in a single pot for 45 minutes and I am in gastronomic nirvana!
12. Any advise for new crew members looking to fit in?
A: For starters, get a mic.  Yes, I'm looking at you Dani!  LOL  Seriously though; always bear in mind that this crew is about having fun first.  Even if you are consistently having your ass handed to you by Dani, Banks and DC..there is no animosity there.  This is a game, an escape to blow off steam, get killed and respawn.  These guys may own you in DM or on the racetrack, but they do so courteously and with a sense of humour.  So, have fun.  =)
Past Have You Mets?: JustHatched, BustyRose, Troysayshi, PB76, DavidCore, Fido, Wecang, Dodge, Furdog, LN-MLB, Locust, Ro9M, Erin, Danielle, Casey, Dead_GooN, Zmurko, Vishesh, G37, Matus, SSRacing, Rumdig, Cotick, Lann3fors, NewsBot, Beez, Banketelli, BrianM, Xyon, PDX96, Wraignbow, Rikster, Offroadmudpunk, LV_Jag, mattymcrae, Onrefne, Profane

Photo by Juve

Our crew website DomesticBatterygta.com is quite active and is a great resource for GTA V gamers new and experienced.
Currently the record for most members online in one day is (93) on July 14, 2014.
Sign in and join the fun and lets see if we can break that record this week!
Cheers and good gaming.
Questions or Comments about the XDBX Newsletter please contact: JustHatched, Ro9M or LV_Jag.

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