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Guidelines for joining gta 5 crews, also B4Y CITY B4NDITS recruiting

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Are u looking for a crew in gta 5. We'll look no further. Join the B4Y CITY B4NDITS. We our recruiting. We are small but let me tell you why you should join us and not those other crews.

I know people like to join those big crews that have hundreds of people. But there are problems with that. A good crew size is 40 maybe 50. Problem 1 nobody knows each other. When you first join a crew look for small crew maybe 15. That way you can get to know everybody and meet new people as the crew grows. Problem 2 a lot of these big crews don't gave a purpose but to be big. They don't do missions or gang wars. Problem 3 We can debate this but the bigger the crew the smaller your cut. Now our crew is just starting out so we have only 5 members. But we have some great members loyal too. I myself am a good shooter and ok driver. But the main goal is to be the best team on gta. Come be on the winning team. Go here to join http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/b4y_city_b4ndits

WE ARE A XBOX CREWpost-110649-0-07137100-1388636019_thumb.jpg

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BlackListedB    86

If you spelled "well" correctly, I'd be more confident.


Everyone solicits crew members, I think if ppl are like me and holding out, we need a better 'sell' tactic, I'd prefer gaming experiences online impressing me, but there is also the ability not to commit to any one crew long term, I'd assume (I've played it Lone Wolf McQuade style)

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