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GTA TBOGT Machinima [Mod Request]

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I am looking for someone who can create 4 ‘bad guys’ for my short movie / machinima. I will be recording in multiplayer since multiplayer has skin for main protagonist.

Mods will be used as antagonists, bank robbers or heist escapers – I have plenty ideas, it’s just that I now need someone to work with me to create those skins.


Details / requirements:

 - Mod/s has to be compatible with GTA IV DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony.

-There will be close ups on the characters you model,  so I expect the mods to be of good quality.

-It’s up to you if you model something from scratch or re-model other pedestrian or something. The goal is to not use same boring characters already available in game.

-The 4 skins should have face covered or at least option to do so. It can be mask, face rag, maybe even black glasses, the theme is : robbery. Clothes are less important but I want something in dark color, black, no camo.

-I don’t mind if you create ‘whole mod’ or specific clothes and head to replace.



Of course I will credit you in the project end credits and description. Project will be published on YouTube.

If you feel like enhancing your modelling skills, adding work to your portfolio, I think it’s a good opportunity!



Well, let’s say I had about 2-3 years of experience using in game video editor, in GTA IV & EFLC. I can make your work look ‘good’. With that comes 3 years’ experience in digital media / post production. I love to write story visually. Check out my channel for examples of my work: I will attach some links for you. Day to day I post some gameplay but if you scroll around you can see I do some intros, montages and machinimas. Hopefully you are interested!


Thanks for looking!



In an e-mail subject please put your name and "3D Artist" next to it. Tell me about your experience / if you already modelled skins and such. Thanks!





Can’t wait to hear from you,


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