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Cannot reinstall San Andreas

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cromen23    0

Yesterday I tried to install san andreas but the installation was stuck, then I manually deleted the entire folder, then I tried to start a new installation but I could not, Autorun recognized the game as installed but I could not play, also I could uninstall the game, San Andreas report an error, this error, please help, thanks


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BlackListedB    86

What mods outside of normal use did you do with it? I've never experienced any issue with the PC copy I have, I've installed it on multiple machines for evaluation and use. Try installing on a system or HDD you never did initially and see if there's the same issue


BTW, Rockstar support are certainly busy with the new game issues, but they could likely use your error message to decipher it and come up with something to try. Worse comes to worse, buy a new installer disc if it's got scratches or visible wear and tear

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