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please am tired playing FREEFALL mission, how can I skip it,please help me,is like am having headache...

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amazingdude    27

Follow these instructions!

1. Fly the dodo to max height and look at your radar

2. Wait for the jet to appear at a small distance below your dodo and then make a sharp right turn.

3. Look at the radar and adjust your speed and angle with according to the jet.

4. Once done, make a nosedive to the marker behind the jet & you should be done.

N.B- you should have patience to complete this mission.

Or you can simply use a save game file uploaded by someone else but my advice would be to complete the mission yourself just for fun.

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caleb102    0

Still can't get it done, please can you help me with the SKIP FILE just for this freefall mission...have complete the stowaway missions but I can't proceed because of this freefall...please mate if u can get me the file I will be happy, please help a brother

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BlackListedB    86

That's in San An where you become a skyjacker of sorts to take out the baddies in the cockpit of a plane coming in from the ocean to LV? As I recall, been awhile since I've been that far into the game (Yes, I've completed it before)?


It wasn't too difficult, the same practice of GTA marker objectives in any flying or falling scenario play out here, I always had the most trouble shooting at small targets from moving platforms, like the boat missions and heli mission opening up the map in Vice City. Add to that police spike strips, something I think may still be lacking from GTA 5

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