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What is your favorite omg moment?

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cc1215    0

My favorite moment was when i had a 3-star wanted lvl. i was using the white/red banshee going down hill towards the subway ramp and landed on top of the of the train and was able to stay on the train for 3 minutes and drove on the tracks as the train was raping the back of my car (lol). But i got cuaght.

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TUN3R    67

The first time I ran GTA III on my (back then, and by this stupid country's standards) high-end PC. Naturally I turned the frame limiter off cause Rockstar sucks at porting games to PC, and what happened was every time I walked over a sidewalk or went too fast off a slope Claude would ether die instantly or take a horizontal leap of faith... and die instantly. It was like, death was litteraly waiting around the corner.


There was also that time I got a Dodo in the Staunton Island garage. And before you ask how I got it out: who says I did?

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