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forever load

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07kohb    0

Hi, I have some problems with my GTA IV. When I start the game, it brings me to the menu and then plays the music with the characters pictures. but after 2 minutes, the music stops and the characters pictures just keep on playing forever. Can anyone help me please?

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TUN3R    67

You're probably lacking enough memory, back when I still had a crap PC I tried GTA IV with 768 MB of RAM. It generally took between 15 - 25 minutes to load, and once it did it was playable but hardly enjoyable (I had to press Home every 2 - 3 blocks to force-load the next area, the cop AI would only handle up to 3 cops at a time, etc).


It eventually caused a memory clog and forced me to dispose of the 512 MB card (leaving me with only 256 MB of memory). So if that's the case I recomment you stop trying to run GTA IV, you're not mssing much anyway.

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