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hardone NOUL IP ! Recrutam ADMINI/HELPERI !

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hardone    0



HardOne:Godfather LS-LV[0.3e]


Players: 6 / 100

Ping: 12

Mode: HardOne GF

Map: HardOne LS-LV

Acest server este GodFather , urmariti mai jos o mica prezentare :




National Guard


The Mafia

The Triads



Taxi Company

License Faction


Las Venturas Vagos

Varios Los Aztecas

Grove Street



-Detective (Detectiv)

-Lawyer (Avocat) $

-Car Mechanic (Mecanic de masini)

-Bodyguard (Garda de corp)

-Car Dealer (Vanzator de masini) $


-Bus Driver (Conducator de autobuz)

-Trucker (Camionagiu)

-Garbeage Collector (Gunoier) $

-Paper Boy (Ziarist)[/color]


-Arms Dealer (Traficant de arme) $$$

-Drug Dealer (Traficant de droguri) $$


-Car Jacker (Spargator de masini) $

Eventuri automate : Curse masini - /join , Primul care tasteaza un anumit cuvant castiga,

Hunting Event , Money Bag, Nrg Event - care se acceseaza prin /joinnrgevent , primul la CP-ul rosu castiga $$ , , Curse cu vaci..in curand mai multe

Eventuri zilnice : MonsterTruck, DestructionDerby, Deagle, Last Man Standing,Last Car Standing, Hide'N'Sseek

Fast-eventuri si multe altele organizate de catre STAFF zilnic !

1.Pe server exista Need For Speed CLUB

Rank-urile se dau pe baza la Bounty Points care se face prin WANTED!

2. Avem eventul cu servieta din 10 in 10 minute!

3.Multe animatii /animlist

4.Poti sa vorbesti prin /whisper /w

5. Un sistem de Masini personale /v create, /v model , /v park /v color --> De la orice level .

6. Avem un Event unic ! HUNTING EVENT !

7. Let`s GO ! Samp.HardOne.Ro

Exista Helper/Admini:

Helper Level 1

Admin Level 1

Admin Level 2

Admin Level 3

Admin Level 4

Admin Level 1337

Admin Level 1338 (Owner)

Samp.hardone.ro :

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Chris    237

Doar pentru romanii? Daca nu, post un traducere in engleza te rog. Multumesc.

De fapt, ma rog, nu-mi pasa lol. If you're posting in a foreign language here you're supposed to post an English translation too so our staff know what's going on. But I get the impression you're only looking for Romanians for your server. Well, you're welcome to promote it here but I don't think we have many Romanians on the forums that are active.

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