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GTA V Trailer 2!

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Posted 15 November 2012 - 11:05 AM

one word

Ok, Loved the cars, the dogs, the running water in the river was cool as opposed to the still water in SA rivers. and the lights on the police car look a lot more realistic than they did in GTA4

So far Rockstar hasn't really impressed me with the screen shots and trailers. i feel like you cant really see a whole lot in the screens theyre giving and this trailer was really cool and showed off awesome graphics never seen in a GTA game, it really mostly showed boring cutscenes. not a whole lot of action. i'd wouldve liked to see some guns or clearer shots of the city/countryside
& i'm not pleased with the music in the game. it better get better. Please dont make the same mistake you made with GTA4

not to say i dont think the game will be great, cuz i do. i just wish theyd show us more of it than they have been

I completely agree with TUN3R

I believe they will make a few more trailers in which you can see all of your queries. They just want to hide the real gameplay footages in order to keep you tuned.

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Posted 15 November 2012 - 12:57 PM

I believe they will make a few more trailers in which you can see all of your queries. They just want to hide the real gameplay footages in order to keep you tuned.


Computer Generated Imagery.
(aka fake and gay, aka not in-game footage, aka GTA IV v2.0)

Cynical. 'Sides, it doesn't matter as to whether it's shooped or not.

True. Long as it's not gameplay, it doesn't matter.

I honestly don't see the point in game trailers... trailers are for movies, demos are for games. That's the only way you can tell what the game is like before buying it.

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Posted 17 November 2012 - 08:00 PM

What's amusing is as pointed out since San An VERSION ONE, Carl Johnson had to go to schools for various vehicles, even after he was able to use them, basically, and there was no pretense that the protag had to know how to drive an 18 wheeler to effectively boost one for illgotten gain

Since San An, it's been part of the enforced Rockstar GTA reality that the protag have some sort of knowledge that would lead them to pilot a heli or tank, it seems. What the articles pointed out as far as I got, is that having three protags and the SWITCHING implementation, which in and of itself defies reality in a way, would cover the lack of experience one protag has over another! hahaha

Speaking on the demo thing, never EVER expect a GTA demo pre-release, ain't ever gonna happen, the problem with the trailer is one that has effected everyone in the last year, a complete media blackout on GTA basically, since last fall, and with all this NEW info, why could it not have been disseminated over that time span in little chunks, even confirming a multiple protagonist aspect early on would not have done any harm as I see it... What remains in question is how long before a man and female protagonist in GTA in hopes to appeal to men and women gamers, eh?!!???

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