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The Hangar at the Abandon AC Tower

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PhOen|X    0

The Hangar in the Abandon AC Tower is very big and holds only 4 cars. Every time that i put more than 4 cars they deleted. can someone tell me how to customise that garage to hold more cars? Plz if anyone knows tell me.

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mvi    0

1. This should be in San Andreas mods, but i can't move it

2. Most garages are limited to four vehicles, this is no exception

3. Adding more slots is quite hard, bassically how garages work, there is a set area which is the read area, the first n vehicles in this area will be saved, the others will be discarded, there are also write sections, which are where the vehicles will be essentially spawned on garage open or reload, so when the garage is expanded, which I think has to be done by scm and some data folder file editing, the read limmiter of n would also have to be updated along with moddifiying the write co-ods to fit in another vehicle spawn, and an extra co-od for the new slot added.

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