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Help with a serious Problem

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Jimmy-526    1

I want to make this quick. And my Group of friends run a GTA NETWORK called "GTA Chronicles". The site url is www.gtachronicles.com/

It so happened that one of our Staff betrayed us by trying to delete the board. Hopefully we were able to recover our latest archived database i.e June 2011. But at that time me and some regular staff weren't promoted and the ones who were are on a leave we were able to fix up atleast to some extent. To my horror the Forum Index www.gtachronicles.com/forums shows a SQL ERROR. I don't know how to fix this. You can visit the Forums. The subforums are working though. Help needed.

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BlackListedB    86

GTAC will have it's Webmaster working on getting things ship shape as I did hear he's still with us in spirit, he'd been away from home, on a move or holiday, something, so when that happened,it was not a good time at all! I feel for you guys, but this is another forum of course, and one cannot go promoting the other GTA sites, that's not unreasonable to expect, but it did feel like an emergency I'm sure!

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