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BlackListedB    86

Used to be a poll on that GTAF thingie where Vice City soundtrack's V ROCK got the most votes as the fan favorite. With GTA IV and all since then, the Stories series, I can't recall where that vote tallie is now, but I tend to agree. San Andreas appeased a lot of people as far as some of the rap and hip hop and funk music, they could do MUCH MORE with FUNK music though, been a bit lacking there. Reggae is always good for the mix. MasterB though, not really liking that much

I will say, most people think GTA IV's licensed tracks were weak, it was clearly themed for the game, and this time around, people expect more of the same. What I hope they do is get musician DJs again, if not actual voice celebs for the characters, a celeb DJ or club presentation would still suit the franchise.

I am pining for an actual music act performing at a club you can go see inside the game! That I truly hope they consider at some point

Have Lazlow as a character MC some event at a club!! I feel they will do what they did in GTA IV as far as places to visit in the city, etc. What it will be remains anyone's guess

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BlackListedB    86

I think it's likely a shoe-in even at this point, GTA V will tackle a few new music genres then in the past, and it seems more 70s and 60s artists are right in line, having more 40s in LA NOIRE or games better set in time spans further apart. Even the special music for Red Dead Redemption doesn't really fit the actual time and place, but it adds things to the game that can't hurt.

I saw someone posting about lack of modern rock in Rockstar games, and perhaps that's true to an extent as well, it's not good to go too far in any one direction, the more offered per game, the better

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