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Favourite Music Genre

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Bear    9

cant stand hip hop (no offence). Im more into older bands like classic rock and 80s music. I mainly buy soundtracks like LOST, Scrubs as I like music as I like the show. The music I listen to depends on what my mood is, like today im pissed off so its rock music.

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Slayer    0

There is no poll, just list the genres and some bands/artists you like. Like the rest 59 posts... Since there are too many genres, and people listen to more genres, not only one (although there are exceptions) it would be pointless to make a poll.

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The Bossman    8

I've broadened my music taste significantly since my last post in september. I find myself liking rock, especially classic rock, more and more with each passing day. Earlier I was listening to Hangar 18 by Megadeth, then Madhouse by Anthrax, then Them Bones by Alice in Chains, plus loads more. I also like some opera music, mainly Pavarotti (because he has many classic songs). Other genres I like are Alternative (Coldplay), Soundtrack (films and games), dance (groove armada), jazz (nina simone), Industrial (mainly terminator) and Jamaican (damien marley, k-jah on gta).

EDIT - Sorry for the bump, I saw the last post date when I hit post reply, and desperately scrambled to post the stop button :bashhead:

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