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Darkel reference

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Which line from the game do you like better, which is more closer to the deleted character Darkel from GTA III

Niko - Playboy X - Dwayne

I just love when Niko says "Playboy X, marks the Spot "

Niko - U.L. Paper - Darko

'''That special someone''' is most depressing scene in the game

Johnny - Billy (Bill Fiore) Grey - Tom Stubbz

Billy is the most badass looking character from entire game ,all this tattoos, gloves and sh*t.

Louis Lopez - Bulgarin Molotov - Yusuf Amir

I think mission ''Dropping In'' is a remake of the deleted mission from GTA III when you must kill Donald Love with a helicopter .

Also it is obvious that Dimitry Rascalov is Curtly. Just look at this picture,r:8,s:28

Intresting connection like Darkel - Lenin, Bulgarin - Stalin.


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