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How to replace the Rhino (tank) with a car?

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tknoonga    0

Hey everyone, is replacing the rhino with a car skin possible? i've gone into img tool, replaced the 2 rhino files with a car skin named rhino, yadda yadda yadda, the game crashes when i use the spawn cheat for the rhino. Would some modding to the vehicle file be necessary? Has anybody done this before? i just reckon itd be mad to have mroe or less indestructible cars with a hidden cannon. heheheheh.

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ToonSkull    4

on san andreas. woops.

My brother says "no". You have to edit the dff's hierarchy table to reflect the name as well. Just swapping the files out won't work.

If you know how to use a HEX editor open the dff of your car in that and look for the name only nothing else in ASCII (ex: banshee not bansheebody64G) you will find 2 occurrences change them to rhino. If all goes well it will work or crash. MAKE BACKUPS!

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