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[SAMP] SAMP Roleplay

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Car Mechanic


Bus Driver


Pizza Boy


Drug Dealer

Materials Smuggler


LSPD (Police Force)

FBI-Need a leader

LS MT (Medical Team)-Need a leader


San Andreas News Network-Need a leader

Los Santos Transport Comapny-Need a leader


You create your own unofficial gang and then the admin team will check your thread, your RP and other things to see if you deserve the official status

Official Factions:

Los Aztecas

There are 4 more slots.

House system(/buyhouse /sellhouse and more)

Business System(/buybiz /sellbiz and more)

Car System(/buycar /sellcar and more)

Also looking for more admins/testers so login to our forums now and apply!!!!

and more.....


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We have 25 registered users and 3 admins we're looking for more qualified admins and scripters if you're interested log into our website and pm me UWNTME.

Thank You

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Roleplay servers can involve complex money transactions, and keeping track of these as well as interactions with houses, cars and other items such as drugs can be an interesting challenge. With over 23,000 people searching on Google for some kind of SA-MP hack or trainer, you need to be on top of them. As well as recruiting moderators and administrators, I will not talk about securing your server to give yourself the best possible chance.

Term Papers

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