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Deji    4

Basically, I'm looking for someone looking for an amateur film editor (lol). But only for something basic. I decided this'd be an okay place to post since there are probably a few people here wanting to make GTA Stuff. So if anyone needs something done or knows where I should look for someone who needs something done then I'd be happy to see what I can do :)

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WRX22B1998    23

windows movie maker. represent XD

nah , well...something basic but more advanced than WMM, hmm what about ULead Videostudio ? I saw someone had it and they said it was good so I acquired a copy and I used it to edit a video myself, and it was great. It crashed halfway and I thought "there goes the past 45min" but then when I opened it said it found some recoverable files and recovered the whole thing :)

The only other movie editing programs I've used was on Mac, iMovie and Final Cut Pro. I know there isnt iMovie for Windows but maybe Final Cut Pro has one, but its pretty in-depth / technical software.

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