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TBoGT Modding Multiplayer?

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Kronik    0

Okay, I know I'm new here but I used to mod older GTAs and really enjoyed that and a thought struck me today while playing this new expansion. I hope you guys will help me like I was a member here for a long time because I have always used this website for previous modding but sadly forget my username and password. XD

Okay, so here it is.

I know that you can do certain modifications to Xbox 360 files on your hard drive if you use the Xbox 360 Data Migration Kit. So, could you export the Ballad of Gay Tony files (and/or the Lost and the Damned expansion) onto your computer and modify the files? There are tons of vehicles and bikes available for download on this site and I think they are universal between Xbox and PC (at least they were on PC and PS2 versions, so correct me if I am wrong). So, could you export all of the files onto your PC, mod them, and put them back onto your Xbox hard drive and stroll around having modded cars and whatnot? That would be awesome. Also, part of this idea, is that my cousin and I would both do this to our versions of the expansion and then go in a private room with just us two and have some fun? We wouldn't use mods to make a bad time for other people, we would just simply have a good time. To me, it sounds very fun and possible. Just give some input please. I appreciate it. Thank you.

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iRape360    0

Okay, for online modding you would need a modded GTA IV (Episodes from Liberty City) disc. Then you would need to open your xbox360 and hotswap.

For singleplayer mods (You can only do simple things like money and 100% story complete.) you would need a flashdrive or Transfer Cable(Data Migration Kit) and you would transfer files over and mod it with something such as Modio.

That's all. Questions? e-mail: [email protected]

Gamertag: MetalBlueAcid

Oh and if you want mod tutorials and ISO files for the modded disc then don't come to this website, go to *link removed*

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The Bossman    8

Why did you bump such an old topic, guy hasn't been active since he posted this topic. Anyway it's illegal what he's asking for, and against the rules here to ask about that type of stuff. For all you newbs out there, read the fucking rules or get banned, simple.

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