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Beta Skin Request...

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In the VC PS2 manual there are several screenshots of Tommy wearing his "street" outfit, except that it has slightly lighter coloured pants and different hues on the shirt (it's somewhat darker and is a more pure shade of blue)...most people probably know what I'm talking about...for those who only play PC, the shirt can be seen on the top righthand screenshot on the back of the box. I'm no good at making skins, can someone please make this for me? :worship: Puh-lease? :'( (sorry, coudn't resist that haha).

EDIT: Found a pic of what I'm looking for!

It's at http://www.rockstargames.com/vicecity/screen06.html

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NotYouHaha    3

No need for someone to make it, it seems that modders have already created a BETA skin. I looked around and found two downloads. There should be more if you look harder.

I haven't tested the downloads, btw. Hope you enjoy. :)

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