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Can't edit older posts

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TOXIC    1

Hello Staff, hope you're all having a good day. So I wanted to update my GFX Gallery, but I can't see the edit option in the FIRST and post [and a couple of other posts, made during that time]. I guess upgrading the forum has something to do with editing older posts [like putting a limit to the time until which posts can be edited, etc], because I can see the option on 'more recent' posts.

For having a look at the topic, date etc., follow the Signature link please. I hope the problem gets sorted :)

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Gerard    64

You're right, we have it set that you can't edit posts older than 60 days. This is to stop people manipulating ancient posts and taking over popular topics. This restriction has been around for quite a while.

Here's how you can get round it. Reply to that post, so that you get the code. Remove the quote tags and make the edits you want, and add that as a new reply on the end of that topic. Then just hit the report button, and get a member of staff to merge your edits into the topic's first post.

We can discuss changing this setting, however it is set like that to maintain the integrity of the forums, so no promises!

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