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My HDD is a bitch

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Spider-Vice    21

Today I was a bit sick of 7 so I decided to return to XP as I miss it somehow :P Well, happens that I had Ubunu on the same HDD and when I fired up XP Setup, there were like 4 partitions. 1 Windows, 2 Ubuntu and 1 for my documents etc. Happens that I deleted every partition but the documents one so I could do a bigger 250GB one and still stay with the docs one. Now, as both partitions are Primary somehow, when I copy XP first setup step files (not the full install where you can move yout mouse) when it restarts it just gives me an error about booting the HDD. No, it's not dead, I know it's because there are 2 primary partitions of when I deleted the main one and the linux ones. How do I make the docs one Logical again without losing data? Thx.

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WRX22B1998    23

error about booting the HDD?

if you can write exactly what the error is you'll get a better chance fixing the problem.

partitions doesnt matter if you're installing windows as long as you have 1 partition that has enough free space and is either FAT32 or NTFS it should be fine.

What did you use to partition the drive? Maybe the filesystem on it isn't right? If you can get that BartPE thing , get that and run some checks, diskcheck, fixmbr etc because that sounds weird.

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