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GTA Makedonija V OL Server Testing (SA Compatible)

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as you may have heard there is a new version of GTA Makedonija which is GTAMK V as the fifth version of my GTA SA mod. I am now developing GTA MK V OL and GTA MK OL "GTA Makedonija V Online/GTA Makedonija Online (Multiversion server)" I have devoped a server game for SAMP and I have tested it. I would like a user of GTA Makedonija or GTA SA to connect to my server for testing.


Password: gtamk1

Server Type: Public

Mode: Vozeme Po Makedonija (Driving In Macedonia)

Map: San Andreas

Compatibility: GTA Makedonija V2 - V/GTA San Andreas (With no custom vehicles)






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GTAMK    1
lol, who's gonna wanna download this, unless they're Macedonian, which theres like, 3 ppl here, me you and Steam.

Try a Macedonian forum

That's a theory. There are many users worldwide and near 6,000 downloads. Would you have a Macedonian Forum to refer me to?

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