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Have you been banned on another forum?

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#241 Spaz The Great

Spaz The Great

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Posted 03 November 2011 - 05:11 PM

You're so right. Perma banning someone for stealing mods and then allowing him back only to ban him again (for stealing mods again) is such a low act. Then when this lovely person registers 135 different accounts, to keep on banning him is even lower, man. Then there was this one guy who spammed the forums with porn because he got warned/temped. He too was banned, you know. You're right. Those dickheads at GTAF are such power hungry assholes. They should be the ones to be banned for trying to keep the place in order. What idiots.

Like I said, there's a time and place. Never have I said that assholes shouldn't be banned.

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There is no "freedom of speech" in forums, yes you can say what you want but in the end what the mods say gos. This is not a democracy.


#242 Vulpecula


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Posted 03 November 2011 - 10:02 PM

Can't say for certain if I've ever been outright banned from anywhere. During my first exposure to online communities throughout 2003 and into 2004, my total lack of social awareness certainly sullied my reputation; my first few months at a popular James Bond forum starting from May 2003 produced some howlingly stupid, mind-numbingly immature posts on my part. I wouldn't think it made me any enemies per se, but it certainly vexed a few people who, quite rightfully, took a rather condescending view of my antics and viewed me as 'special'. I don't blame them. Same goes for some other forums I joined around that time.

The only place I can remember being suspended from isn't a forum, but FanFiction.Net. My first story there was an eye-gougingly awful plagiarism of Die Another Day that was rightfully panned by one reviewer. Eventually, it was reported around, I think, May/June 2003, and I was barred for a week or two; it's somewhat hazy. Being an arrogant, unworldly 13-year-old who was naturally under the impression that his work was the best thing ever written, it hit me so hard I sulked like the little bitch I was for about 30 minutes.

From December 2004, I was active over at the now-defunct GTA Domain forums. My online awareness had improved somewhat by then, so I got along fairly well with the community and was most active with their Custom Missions section. Then, in September 2006, I slipped into a depression at my academic circumstances and began a long, dreadful spiral into the world of naive, fanatical anti-Americanism. That forum being majority American, it pissed quite a lot of people off to say the least, and permanently killed my two years of hard-earned member-awarded Respect. It continued through half of 2007 (tact became an alien concept), and I left. I got better, and am mortally ashamed of that period of my life. I returned to make one post in November 2008 to congratulate Obama on his election victory, and was immediately bluntly told to fuck off. I obeyed. I don't recall ever being officially banned.

So, I've never been banned per se; I've just been a blithering idiot.

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#243 MrLanceVanceDance



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Posted 31 January 2012 - 05:16 AM

I have never been banned from any GTA Forum before.

#244 BlackListedB



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Posted 29 July 2012 - 09:54 PM

I was re-banned, the same week a friend FYI'd me about it, but it was really too little too late to make an improvement, NO ONE on GTAforums staff talked to me, they just out and out banned me, and ultimately it comes down to the HATERS of the GTA community, they can't accept people different then their narrow minds can grasp, even one on their staff calling me a racist, without any real knowledge of me, so the disdain is two fold.
Hate me, I'll hate you back. Really seems flames as such are accepted all the time on GTAForums, and I see better conduct elsewhere. Reminds me of the old days of Usenet where I first came online, it was nasty in there!

Girish never hassled me but he certainly PMed me with silly hateful comments about how I post and conduct myself. I never do this to others, honestly, it's beneath me and I shouldn't be prompted to stoop to such levels, but I resent their actions and foolish rulings. Spam is only what you deem it as, each person really has a different feeling on whether "SPAM" on a forum is really an anecdotal comment that perhaps veers "off topic", never once was I offending others to warrant the ban, and of course WARN LOGS grow if they maintain them forever. I did things I regret, but not in recent years, really. Very few regrets over my Improved (as I was voted in their polls) nature. I'm always willing to extend a hand in friendship and kindness, but the haters can't ever get past their petty hate.

As for any mod theft or otherwise from JimmyT, he's young, under 20 years of age, he'll mature as well. He seems to have put most of his past issues to rest, one can only hope.

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#245 BlackListedB



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Posted 31 July 2012 - 01:10 AM

Sorry to tack appended posting on this, but.....
Prime example;
...we can talk bad about GTAF because it's simply not getting better, despite staff calling into question the size as an excuse and cop out, I said as Waddy told me once, if you want the biggest site with the most members, don't complain about it to those who are attempting to be long term members, which I was, I 'rocked the boat' only in unseen and unheard complaints made after I posted things, though I got warnings, I had an honest, non-comical rebuttal but if no one takes things seriously, they won't listen to your side, just those complaining, and again, I tend to disagree strongly with their opinion as objection.
Many people might not get something I've said, but it's never intentional... NEVER. I stand on truth and fact, if I get it wrong, it's human, ya know?
If not....
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Anyway, in their Gen Chat is a list setup (above) much like the Awards, Who is the most creepy, most likely to flip burgers at (Burger Shot) or become a rapist (rather offensive, but I suspect it's based on odd posts or age difference), and Biggest Spammer
I make the list when I've been banned, but Hey, I'm not allowed on there, so quit voting me in there, it makes no logical sense, which is the whole of the issue, I think.

In the words of the great Dave Mustaine "Whaddya mean I'm not Kind?? Just not your KIND!" hahaha

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