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Grain filter question

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JackP    0

I'm not enjoying the grain filter in TLAD. I've read from numerous sources that it can be turned off but none of them say how and I've been unable to do so since I downloaded it on the 17th. So my question at this point should be pretty obvious.

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Chris    237

Pretty obvious is it not? Some of you need to learn what "noise" means.

Would you really expect "noise" to be some sort of audio effect in the game? Really? "Noise"? It wouldn't be called that now would it, noise in terms of audio has negative connotations so it wouldn't be used to denote an option in the game, that's what we call "volume". Honestly people.

What they really should have done was have a noise level adjuster instead of just on/off. Left 4 Dead I know does this and I'm pretty sure some other games are starting to do it too.

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